Living His Word: A Collection of Short Stories, Vol. #1

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It is indeed a 'Wonderful World Of Words'! Author: Kavya Nair. A collection of poems from the depths of adolescent despair. Author: Lucy. This tutorial includes basic soap making lessons and recipes for those wanting to learn how to make soap. Author: Danille Washington. In her role as Author: Sarah Noblin. Aiir and Wana are two explorers who have gone looking for the three-form mermaid goddess Sera. Her other two forms are Temno and Mavrica, both much more vicious than good Sera. But, as it turns out, t Author: anonymous. This book was created to inspire my husband.

Author: Shannon T-Barn. Along with the generations and names, small excerpts of stories are included. There is no end of the research that could be done, how Author: Brian Stevens. This book is about a girl. She hates her family because they are mean to everyone. But then she finds out there are worse sides of the family. A book of poetry written by Jeremiah Cronin. Author: Alison Cole. A father to all children with seven of his own! A natural educator and a man of insight, Matt started to write Author: Colin Barnett.

Hello everyone I've decided to try and create a permanent record of my writings into a book. Please let me know what you think.

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Author: Iris Reyes. A simple book of Poetry and Prose. I share with the reader special moments with my Master, the Majestic Bear. I found him when I was at the darkest point of my life. His wisdom frees me from the cha Author: Justan Acre. This is a book, in French. It is about a girl named Arinafe Makwi. She lives in a developing country. James and his research team meet a threat to all life on earth. Will they survive or will mankind meet a horrible end? Author: James M Brown. My book is about my life story and everything that has happened to me growing up.

I've dealt with some of the outrageous and displeasing things as a person but my book is to help people be more aware Author: Mallory Blanchette. A short story, aimed at toddlers and young children, to emphasise the importance of road safety. Author: Faye Richardson. This is a story of a man that calls on God.

This man is no more then a soul that acknowledges that he is not in control and that God is. I am that man and im thankful for so many things thus my poems Author: Joshua Telano. This book is an abstract collection of Cyrillic Alphabet, and Russian History. Simple Non Toxic alternatives tha This is the a sweet Holiday story for the entire family.

Larry's Short Stories

A story of the endurance of love beyond time and space. This story was written for the City of Paterson in for the Holiday Parade. It was a Author: C A Conforti. A personalized custom bedtime story book full of rhyme, memories, and love. Author: Charlene Summers. This is a book that represents a continuing journey through the death of ego, the death of expectations, and the beautiful, tender life that is born out of death. Blessings on anyone who feels abandon Author: Cromwell Wirewod Press. A series of diaries written by students pretending to be on the ships captained by European Explorers.

Author: Homeroom A transformational conversation Author: Vicki T Paxton. Fairies in the highlands of scotland Author: Nel Montgomery. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Search for Jonah is an exciting and adventurous take on the original series of successful films. Jack Sparrow once again encounters Blackbeard, one of his most memorable Author: Tess Donelon. This book is filled with 22 poems that capture the feeling and spirit of Christmas. It includes several poems written by myself aswell as a handful of classic festive creations from those who deserve This is a book created in memory of a wonderful friend and neighbour, Deidre Clark.

Author: K Preston. I would dearly love to collaborate with any musicians out there to cr Author: Adam Cartwright. This book is an artistic expression of my praise and worship to the One true living God; Jesus! I hope you enjoy it. Author: Colina Wymarra. This book was created for early readers age years old. This book will surely prompt your children to start reading and getting to know more about themselves.

Author: Tenza Bosslady Jahseen Foster. Edwin the owl is about the adventures of a special little girl and her magic owl. Author: Jenny Hutchinson. Theresa's Primary School use clever creatures throughout school to help pupils learn. Author: St. Theresa's Busy Readers Book Club. Poems of Wonder and Hope , Grace as revealed in nature, children, scripture, and circumstance is especially precious during seasons of loneliness, grief, or despair.

These poems and photographs repr Author: Vicki T Paxton vtp copyright May Larina, only five years old, knows that she will one day go out into the world and look for her long-lost parents. They went out to sea one day and never came back. Larina, left behind, is taken into Author: Author of "Zarmia". A short story about a little girl who always wanted to be treated like a big girl, not a baby like her twin sister. Born first Ellie is the big girl and helps look after her little sister who is learn A story of a little boy who dreamed of being a footballer, his father runs a hot dog stand at the local football club.

Its at the stadium where Harrys dreams began, he practices and trials and just ma This is a book of Poems my grandmother has written over the years. I am creating it as a gift for her 88th birthday. Author: Liane Menenedez. Its a children book made by children in hungarian language and also a very good creative idea for years old kids to improve their imaginary. Take a look! Thank you! Author: 4. Author: James Gifford. John Doe! The man that was. No one knew where he came from, no one knew his real name This book is a collection of poetry that i have written and produced.

It has sentimental lines, hard-to-read stanzas, and of course love letters. I hope you enjoy this book. Author: Davey soltis. This book is a tribute to William R. It contains all of the email tributes that people sent upon hearing that Bill had completed his life. It also contains the pictures of his life and family Author: Lynn Brailsford. This is my book poetry, written with lots of love and more.

Author: Sinovuyo Zamxaka. Lost and alone, depressed and beleaguered; I turned to the bottle, as well as my journal. However, it was the pen-to-paper process that was the most cathartic for me. I know that I am not alone in m Author: Jennifer Villanueva. I hope you find this book interesting and useful! My family is descendant from Michael Arbogast who came to America aboard the ship Speedwell and settled in what is now West Virginia. Author: Johan Arbogast Keller.

This is my first collection of Poetry, it can get quite dark at times. Author: Jake Farrell. This book is a compilation of poems written over about 15 years. They talk of love of nature, people and God. It is an x-ray of my soul. An artist book humbly made and shared for two purposes: first, to shed light on the circumstances and characters of people who immigrate to the United States; secondly, to present the particular love Author: Christine Palamidessi. Memoirs of Raymond Luke written by himself for his friends and family in the last year of his life.

Author: Erica Luke. A new book of 20 poems that are political, comical and thought provoking. From religion to politics, to homelessness and vanity. I hope you enjoy the new collection of poems that really does have some Poetry based on events and experiences gained over the last 20 years, since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Author: Duncan Parks. When Faith is All You Have is the story of a young girl who had her whole life ahead of her.

Author: Wanja J. Launched in February , Panacea Adviser is a unique and free resource that supports financial advisers, mortgage brokers and paraplanners by providing free online access to the very latest news, vi Author: Sarah Paul. Jabar is a witness to a terrible crime. The two killers meet a surprising end. Author: Alicia Villarreal. An array of poetry, from goofy to sad, about a lovely individual Author: E. A childrens book about the lessons of earning, spending and saving your money wisely!

Author: Dean Chapman. Author: Sebastian koch jensen. Upon creating this book I have been set designing for 16 years for middle school and high school producti A collection of stories and poems from the mind and memories of Jonathan Rome, a teenager who wields the various mediums of art in order to make his way through life, despite its obvious challenges; h Author: Jonathan Rome. This is a poetry book centered mostly on heartbreak, but also touches on life, depression, and love. Author: coral lerew. I have been telling stories about Krummy and Bideen since I was five years old.

These new tales were written for my Grandchildren, and now you can share them too! Author: John Riley. A collection of poems written by my grandmother at the age of 90 in the year before she passed away. Not only was she a wonderful writer, she was a wonderful artist and a feminist before her time. Author: Mary Anderson. I have written and illustrated a children's book about a flatulent angel who is turned into a kitten and sent to earth to teach him to control his wind. It is intended for parents to read aloud to th This book recounts my dad's experience in the army from the time he was drafted in until he returned home from the Korean War in July , as told to me one September afternoon in Author: Julie Klebe.

The Art Of Vulnerabilty is less than one hundred pages. A small book designed to create an inner shift and rise up questions many of us tend to hide away from. To build discussions among families, fri Author: Tarah Gustanar. A collection of notes typed in my IPhone. Not really poetry just thoughts. Some very deep and dramatic, some short and simple. Its been a struggle for me to figure out how to handle my emotions writ Author: Johne Tribble.

A blog book telling the story of my adventures on the Camino Frances over 33 days in May I walked a total of km in 5 weeks and met people from all over the world. The book contains photos th Author: Bill Egan. A behind the scenes look at Kyle Clarke and Heather Bodin's wedding Author: desallen. What does Cooper smell, is a childrens book for level 1 readers. This book will bring you with Cooper, an Australian Shepard puppy as he explores the different scents around his yard for the first tim Author: Casie Braatz.

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This is a book created to thank Eddy for touching all of our lives. Author: Eddy's Friends. Do you ever wonder what your animals would say if they could talk? What their personalities would be like? Well this is me and my Granddaughter Payton's interpretation if Big Ern could talk.. Author: Lindy L. A warm, heartfelt collection of short stories and poems for a fast paced world. Author: Katrina Joy. A Perfect Hunt made even better with the people I love.

Author: Ashlyn Sinclair. This volume contains the many decades of letters and other writings of Irving Fass. Family man, observer of life, storyteller and erstwhile occasional explorer of outer space, Irving wrote mainly to a Author: Marilyn Neuburger. When a kitten is found in the dark the unbelievable happens Born in Cornwall Claire has a surfing accident and ends up in a weelchair.

The Complete Short Stories: Volume 1 by J.G. Ballard

Author: Eliana Bhular Jessica Flohr. Dedicated to the author.. Ashely M. White Author: Ashely Marie White. This poetry styled book is based on all the trauma maybe most has been through in their struggle of life as they find their place in the world. It's became a fact that most people write when their i Author: Antonio H. A book I've made for my 1st grandchild. Author: Sharon Steer. The story begins like this: two brothers and a war over a crown.

The year was There were two sons of the King of Great Britain, one legit and the other a bastard whom the King favored. The basta Author: Chelsi Jacobson.

It's a bedtime book I wrote for my two young granddaughters that are moving to another state in hopes of keeping them close when they are so far away. Author: Colleen Jordan. Author: Emily Bodden. Atrial book online , it is fantasti , works very nicely Author: K C Sethi. Have you ever had one of your friends set you up on a blind date? Author: Brian Anderson. This publication also features complementary photography and artwork by the author. Author: Rebekah Greenhalgh. Happy Birthday : Hope you had a good one and like this Author: Ria sinha. Here are photos from John's 60th!! It was a great night of celebration!

Enjoy looking through the pages of this album put together for John and Amy as my gift. Happy 60th to John!! And to Amy havin Author: Paula E Davis. Author: Vida Bojestig. Classic tales involving a dearest friend Author: Joseph Witherstone. I have not at all finished this book.

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The Complete Short Stories: Volume 1

Far from. I have just started with it. But if you wish to read what there is, I will be happy to let you do that. Especially for the society members that my blog Author: Eva Bunnyland. I have had a rough life and a dark one to boot so I allowed Christ Jesus to open me through writing. This book is about ghost that have been to places around were i live and i have read up a few facts about them and i put them all together to make a book.. Author: Gary Rowland.

It's also based on the way i came out of that dark place back then and learnt to become me again. My close friends and family have help me al Author: Samantha Shakespeare. Our first grade summer school class from innovation greenhouse created a final product we'd thought you'd enjoy!!! It's all about Leo Lionni Love, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Christensen's Summer Scho Author: Mrs. Christensen's First Grade. This book is totaly different to any novel you have ever read.

I think you are in for a surprise of a life time with this book.. Best Seller Harry's book was written with Harry about the places he likes to hide. He drew his own pictures and coloured them in. Author: Cher Graiden. Memories of David Rogers - written by staff and students of David Rogers. About someone having memories of his favorite tree. Author: Excel Egwutuoha. Five teenagers get taken to a jungle of worlds a jungle of dimensions and they join a tribe and learn new things Author: mecedes kallo.

A book about the greatest Infielders, Pitcher, Catcher, and Outfielders. This is my second book published on this account, and I'm not finished with it yet, as you probably can see Author: Ester Gautamadasa Hammar. A lizard names lizzy finds 7 different friends and one was a pig one was a rat the other was a bird and the other one is turtle and the rest we're alligator,cat,frog and they meet one mean friend who Author: By:Alyssa Hess. This is an great story about a little boy who needs the love, hugs, and Kisses from his mother to keep a smile on his face!!

Author: Aaron Spivey-Sorrells. This book contains recipes made from scratch. The reason we made this book is because we both have a huge passion Author: Emily Jean and Gabriela Alexan. On February 21st, , I gave a leather bound journal to my Grandma Faye as a birthday present for her 75th birthday. I had one special request when I gave it to her, that she would fill it with mem Author: Stacey M.

Isn't finished yet, here's just a sneak peak. Let me know what you think. Author: Athena Louise. A romance between a soldier and a princess that changed the world. Author: Moses Maravou. As part of our re-ordering project we invited the church family to sponsor seats. Some people wished to do this anonymously. Others gave dedications, which we have recorded in this book. Author: Deiniol Heywood. Just a collection of poems both new and old that I've written.

Hopefully this will give people a deeper look into who I am, and the daily thoughts my heart processes on a day to day basis. Author: Brandon M. This is the story of John Mitchell, a US Civil War solider, written from his acutal letters sent to his family during the war. Author: Mary Whitlock. This is a book of my first writings that is some simple poems which are a combination of experiences and imaginations. Author: Prathipa Nair. This book's about a girl You or your OC - Own Creation who's on an school trip where she stays there two nights with her class and she hears something from outside and decides to check up on it and Author: AnimeLover This book was written for Mrs.

Crooks Sophomore English class. Author: Nicholas A. This Book is a compilation of poems written by myself over the years. They vary between poetry written purely from creativity and poetry written from everyday life or life experiences. I hope that you Author: Alisha Hendrick.

My Name is Meredith Wallace, and this is my little book about everything I learned about bottlenose dolphins. I hope you use it to learn something new, and I hope you enjoy my findings! Author: Meredith Wallace. My book is a brief description on how to maintain healthy hair before and after a "big chop".

Author: Jamie Wilkinson. Lemonade is the fun book for all ages, and great poems that I wrote lie inside. I hope you enjoy and love these poems the way I do! You can even write your own poems in the back. Author: Ginny Falls. Author: Hunter Mitchell. Zlatibor je planinski region koji se nalazi u zapadnom delu Srbije. Predstavlja vaznu turisticku oblast Srbije sa sredstvima zdravstvrnog turizma,skijanja i planinarenja. Author: Jovana Janosevic. This book is a compilation of poetry that is both hard-hitting and controversial full of emotion and insight to the authors true inner thoughts and feelings.

It relates to Loss, suicide, mental he Author: Ceri Louise Baylis. My book is a variety of Poems about everything that I like, and have been through. Author: Tiffany Emond. My Mothers trip in From her own note book. Author: Valerie King. This man's riches are stolen by the Queen, herself, she is ruthless. This book is the sequel book to the last one i did. Author: Sarah Fisk. This book contains over poems from my entire catalogue. I love this book. I hope you do too. This is a collection of my poems. Author: Janet Bogusat. What would you do if you came home to nothing?

If everything you knew and loved was gone. Your parents, your dog, the furniture? Would you call the police? The FBI? Or would you make it your mission t Author: Alyssa Wacker. Scarlett was a well-known reporter in her home town. She was sent to a mass shooting site in a local high school, where she thought she would be safe. This was a bad time to be wrong. Scarlett gets c Author: Alexa Martinez and Hannah Wahab. A man by the name of Vlad Kashmir had just lost his wife to a murder and is determined to find the killer. It is a long, emotional journey with his only child, Feliks.

Ever since his wife's death, Vla Our book is a romance. That follows seventeen year old Lily Eden, hates her new life. Her whole world came crashing down when she got the call. William me , well I go on this really cool adventure with some awesome people. We do all sorts of insane things, like go through this really big forest, and fight a bunch of monsters.

After a while my Author: Izzy Wilson, Hailey Hanson. Long ago in the realm of myths, there was a great war between the Elves and Dwarves over the right to rule the land. As the war raged their numbers drastically dropped until peace was made for the sa This is the inspirational story of Aaron Wagner, a teenage boy who, through a series of tragic events, still manages to compete in track. Bob Duncan is riding on his motorcycle going down the highway on a trip to Colorado. While on the road he glances off the road for a split second to look at the scenery but when he looks back he sees Author: Holly Adkins and Austin Colter.

Prince Mathew Casleon has been kidnapped by the warring faction: Sheogorath. She goe Author: Reid Dettbarn. Fearing a nuclear war, Joe takes his daughter and his old friend to get away from America. On the plane ride to australia, the last thing they expect happens, the plane crashes. After they crash they Author: Brandon Magnuson and Adam Mander.

This book is about a not so popular girl who becomes friends with a popular girl, but that's only because of the popular girl's secret. The two girls work together and try to make the secret known, bu Author: Cecilia Myers and Madison Slobodnik. Aaron is living what seems like a perfectly normal life until his mom passes away from drug and alcohol usage. He moves in with his Grandma and starts at a new school. Soon after Aaron began hanging o It is a normal day for the King and Taylor families in the year of It is mid-day, the sun is shining bright, and everything seems to be going fine like any other day.

Then, something tragic happ This book is about a young high school boy who faces many problems through-out the course of his junior and senior year. He overcomes them with the help of all his friends and family. Author: Alex Sollazzo and Hailey James. Author: Ceela Blodgett and Katie Savage. He got the call he had been dreading.

He had been asked to move from his family's perfect house in Washington, to Iowa. His job is what paid the bills, so he was forced to pack up the family and move Author: Olivia True and Carlie Wilson. His parents who use to be in the military, expect him to follow their footsteps, but Flynt has something different in mind. Author: Kyle Shapcott and Riley Paul. It was the summer of Noah and Jason Smith were both eligible for the draft. One day they got a letter saying that they are both being drafted and were being taken to Germany to fight in the war a Author: Joey Jennings, and Jon Rasmussen.

Stories about Donald Lobb a boy who can talk to animals and all his adventures set around Mapledurham Lock in Berkshire as told by an Uncle to his niece. Author: Bill Ayling. A story about an old man on his deathbed telling his life story to his grandchildren.

Author: Nick S. Layla and Nick are the perfect couple- loving, sweet, and playfully competitive due to their schools being life-long rivals. This lasts until one night, Layla takes partying a step too far and crosses Author: Ashley Wilcox and Cody Colton. Cliff Flanagan, a pro-football player for the Miami Barracudas, has been living his dream of becoming a professional star athlete. He has just recovered from a significant injury and has been cleared Author: Hunter Goehring and Cale Nelson. Twenty-four year old Grace Priestly has spent the last several weeks on the popular reality television show The Bachelor, falling in love with the man every girl wants, Calvin Kinney.

She feels very c Author: Alexis Redshaw and Rachel Teten. After Rachel Clark dies in a horrific accident returning from her boyfriend's house on an early winter morning, she decides to look down at her family and boyfriend from heaven for many years trailing An ambitious group of college students from different walks of life decide to take a trip to California during spring break.

The disparate group includes: the cocky, Zach, the brainiac, Ralph, the blo Everyone sees them as the perfect couple. Maxwell and Keeley are spending their pre wedding trip by flying out to Aspen, Colorado. Author: Anna Hall and Hannah James. Alice is 16 going on 17, a Junior in highschool and just found out she was pregnant. She had her whole life set up for her, she was a straight A student, one year away from going to college to do some Author: Alexis Adkins.

This brand new collection of poems and thoughts were inspired after I encountered a few sleepless nights. Combining deep and personal poems to humorous and rather cheeky ones, I hope this is a book yo It is a book about me and my life growing up as a pastor's kid. I moved several times when I was young and it has caused a lot of hardships. Missions trips are a huge part of my life as well. Get to k Author: McKenna Schneider. Jamie, a boy, wants to be free from this horrible place he was being kept in, and one night, plans to escape.

Jamie, doesn't know the problems he will face along the way. Will he make it to freedom, o Author: Nirbaan Maken. Sailing circumnavigation in a 12 metre sloop departing from Melbourne, Australia in Also Including their travel around Europe in an old campervan visiting over 60 counties in all. The book cov Author: Patricia and John Bloom. Chasing Sanity is a memoir of my struggles with mental illness from a very young age till how I am now. In it describes my various stays in psychiatric units, my childhood life, tragic events that hav Author: Lauren Woodley.

Author: Jamie Hercules. Here it is, the wedding centerpiece! Thank you, everyone! Author: Darcey and Kathryn. Poems and song-lyrics written between about and Author: Richard Temperley. This book is for my AP English class about Rhetoric. Author: Siomara Monterola. A collection of poetry - some are fully edited, others are first drafts. Author: Nathan Baker.

The book is a poetic journey to understanding true love, having faith in yourself and others, but also staying clear minded during chaos to achieve yours goals in life when no one does. Author: Anthony Aldridge. Written By Melissa and Published by Rich for the most amazing woman in the world. She forgot her story at home that day that she needed it and as Author: Richard Wright. My book is about a boy with his dog and he has to giv his dog back but he retrives his dog and he dies later of cancer, his mom and dad sell the dog.

Author: Michaela Kauffman. Aimed at ages: Six youngsters from a small seaside town accidentally stumble upon a path to a secret, which eventually leads them to solve one of the great mysteries in the history of mankind wh Author: W. Our Book is about our blog that we made. We are just two teenagers in the era of sex and money that are in love with writing and photography. Author: Shannon Louise and Libby Lyne. Mary and the prince book is a small 4 chapters book and the story is talking about a princes called Mary who travels to Poland a fids her true love there and get to know each other and get marry Author: mohanned.

Resistance against religion discrimination. Sophia Phillips planned a "Butterfly Ball" at her home at the age of four. She honored her father at the ball, providing him an opportunity to dance with her as he was unable to attend the actual even Author: Marianne Chalk. This book is for Cleo, my beloved pet and friend Cleo became as a child of my own, part of my family. He will remain in my heart and thoughts alwa Author: Petro McIntosh.

I Was Born In Gaza" is a flowing poetry book. It expresses the anguish and agony of living in an occupied country, the fears of wars, and the splendid devotion to women. To me, poetry is the flowing Author: Mohammed Abdel latif Moussa. An informative book on the native but endangered species, the Red Squirrel. See some amazing photographs and learn all about photographing them as well as their behaviour, diet, habitat and conservati Author: Hannah Jennifer Norris.

Author: Kriss Giles. Hector is a fine young hedgehog who lives not very far from here. This is a story about Hector and his friends, their adventures and how Hector and his pals confront and overcome problems and danger. Author: Clive Martin. A year of telephone conversations with Grandma Helen, who often expressed a desire to leave behind a written legacy to share with family members. During the year , I recorded our weekly phone call Author: Helen Rappel and Lynn Czaban.

An epic love story with a handful of elite moments. Author: Brian Timmons. This book follows the life of thirteen year old Chris Eriksson and his life leading to adulthood. His school life his miserable, he is picked on by three kids that will do anything to make his life a Author: Johan Randall.

This is a story about Andrew's trip to the pumpkin patch with his pre-school class. His mother accompanied him. Andrew had a variety of experiences on his trip. The book details these experiences. Author: Marianne Chalk, Author and Illustrator. In the Aquatic Zone Alex runs into a talking seal. Join Alex in learning about plate tectonics and the Author: Stephanie Decker. The poems i have created in this book are simply my own experiences in life that i have faced and put it into poems which will help young and old people facing life to appreciate things are they happe Author: Josephine Laloyer.

This book is based on facts and getting the word out to other victims of Domestic Violence to help them re Author: Valarie McQueen. My book is a selection of inspirational poetry wrote at different points of my life Author: Karen Murray. A concise history of Mr G. Solanki and his family life. Solanki and their eldest son Harilal..

It is also a celebration of their as well as of his descendants Author: Kamla Parmar. This Book is a marriage proposal to my girlfirned based on our time together over the last year and in the format on a previous book i wrote for her called Fighting Witches which you can find on this Author: Jack Betts. This book is great for young girls ages or 8. This book has big letters Not to big and is a rhyming book. There are some photos added into the book just in case you want to use it for a picture Author: Tabitha Jayme.

Recommended for 19 years and older. Mystery with reality in the book. Real campers pictures in the book. This story is about a guy named jack that suddenly find a strange world where he doesnt belong Or does he? Author: Daniel Haglund. This book is about my unique quality's. Despite that he's relegated to "genre writer" category, there are numerous short stories that delve into deeper areas of philosophy, humanism, and, of course, the future of the worl I admit, I am biased.

Despite that he's relegated to "genre writer" category, there are numerous short stories that delve into deeper areas of philosophy, humanism, and, of course, the future of the world. Sure, there are predictable stories but the majority are really, honestly thought-provoking. He also isn't afraid of reusing a character.

Notable are the timelessness of the pieces, they seldom felt out-dated or period. I wish I could write like PDK. Mar 10, Jack Stovold rated it really liked it. Having never read any Philip K. I want to give you my impressions of his works as a first-timer and observe the evolution of his writing. I started with this one. Perhaps the thing that surprised me most about this collection, based on my impressions of Dick, was the frankly fantastical and earnest nature of most of these stories.

One other thing I like is how casually Dick throws in sci-fi tropes like aliens, time-travel and interplanetary councils and wars. They appear to be human and dark-skinned, but they apparently have a millennia old civilization. Whether they are truly alien or an ancient human colony is entirely unexplained. Also unexplained: do the people of Jupiter, Saturn, etc; actually live on gas planets? Dick obviously cares little about these things. Highly recommended. The only drawbacks are the tossed-off nature of many of the sci-fi concepts in here.

The concepts here are less important than how people react to them. On the whole, however, I found this very entertaining, and I look forward to more Dick. Apr 01, TAB rated it really liked it Shelves: america , s. Stupendous collection of short stories, I have been converted to Dick's idea of science fiction set out by him in the preface that the lead character of a science fiction story should not be a person but instead, an idea.

An idea that has roots in this, the modern world, but changes the face of what we know so as to make us question the possibilities of our future and in some cases our alternate past or present. Give me more! Best stories: "Beyond Lies the Wub", "The Defenders", "Paycheck", " Stupendous collection of short stories, I have been converted to Dick's idea of science fiction set out by him in the preface that the lead character of a science fiction story should not be a person but instead, an idea.

Jul 27, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi-geek. This collection of early as in pre-breakdown Philip K. Dick stories runs the gamut from later-became-blockbusters such as "Paycheck" to hidden gems like "Beyond Lies the Wub". If you're not familiar with Philip K. Dick, this is a good place to start. Apr 02, Mark rated it really liked it Shelves: sf , short-stories. I generally like Philip K. Dick better in his short stories.

He has fantastic and weird ideas, but too often his plotting and characterization can't sustain a novel length. Many are strongly influenced by the cold war, something that oddly contrasts with the current U. Among of my favorites is "The Preserving Machine" wherein a scientist is so concerned that WW3 will destroy cultural treasures that he invents a machine to turn classical music into animals so the music will be able to survive independent of human civilization.

The outcome, as you can probably anticipate, is not encouraging. May 05, Scurra rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction. The five volumes of Dick's collected stories are a masterclass in how to write short stories from intimate character studies to massive universe spanning plots, all wrapped up in a few pages. And even more impressive is that very few of them take place in the same world. So often a massive amount of backstory has to be sketched in for us, or sometimes simply left for us to infer, and yet almost every time it works and is consistent.

Not every story is perfect, but more than enough of them are to j The five volumes of Dick's collected stories are a masterclass in how to write short stories from intimate character studies to massive universe spanning plots, all wrapped up in a few pages. Not every story is perfect, but more than enough of them are to justify the five stars. Thoroughly enjoyed this collection of stories by Philip K. The sheer range of his imagination staggers.

His exploration of a variety of subjects, in particular the consequences of war, result in stories that are often insightful and yes, often chilling as one recognizes the possibilities presented in each one. Jan 02, J. So I certainly think Dick is one of the great sci-fi writers, but this collection of early stories definitely shows it's earliness. Nothing is quite as polished as you'd like although that's pretty standard for Dick, I guess. When it boils down to it, there just weren't that many great stories here. Included: Stability - 3 stars - It's sort of ironic prescient?

Roog - 2 stars - I know this is a beloved story, but it's never done So I certainly think Dick is one of the great sci-fi writers, but this collection of early stories definitely shows it's earliness. Roog - 2 stars - I know this is a beloved story, but it's never done it for me, and it didn't this time, either. I know what it's going for, but it doesn't seem to get there, for me. The Little Movement - 3 stars - A humorous little story, but the ending is a little too predictable to have the necessary punch. Beyond Lies the Wub - 4 stars - I liked this one quite a bit.

It seems so silly and Seuss-ian, but there's something here about the depth of man's capacity for evil that I like. The Gun - 3 stars - reads like a fairly standard sci-fi story. Not bad, but nothing particularly PKD here. The Skull - 5 stars - I was really surprised that PKD's religious fascination started so early; I had gotten the impression this was a later phenomenon. Invariably, this is essentially PKD writing the "what if Jesus was a time traveler," but maybe not making it completely explicit. I assume that's because of when he was writing.

The finale and everything ends up being pretty predictable, but there's still something fascinating in how it unfolds. The Defenders - 5 stars - The first story revolving deeply around Cold War Hysteria, a theme he was big on. But this one points out the irony of the whole thing by having highly rational robots just trick the humans into behaving better.

I like seeing humans get tricked into bettering themselves, apparently. Mr Spaceship - 2 stars - has an interesting premise, but doesn't go anywhere interesting. Piper in the Woods - 3 stars - Futuristic disease investigation.

Short Stories for Kids - Living and Non Living things

The Infinites -? The Preserving Machine - 3 stars - So this isn't really a science fiction story. It's about transforming pieces of music into animals, then letting them survive in the wild; so, more surreal than science. It turns out pretty much the way you'd expect, but the idea itself is sort of strangely compelling, so I enjoyed it. Expendable - 2 stars - Another one with some sort of premise that isn't teased out enough. This one feels like the first 5 pages of a longer story, in fact. The Variable Man - 1 star - This story is really long and rambling, and most of it is unnecessary for the story itself.

In fact, it gets so long and tedious that I actually can't remember what finally happens at the end. I think it does have some sort of resolution, but I was well past caring, by that point The Indefatigable Frog - 4 stars - As an academic, I tend to appreciate stories revolving around passionate and ridiculous academic arguments, as this one does. The Crystal Crypt - 2 stars - standard. About a guy who brings a shoe to life? I don't get it Meddler - 3 stars - In this world, you can see the future but not the past. That's really weird.

And it has deadly butterflies in it, which is cool. But at the end of the day, it's just too, too obvious what's going to happen. A story where the end is writ at the beginning. Paycheck - 2 stars - This is one of the PKD stories that I find really, really frustrating, because it has such a nice premise, and handles it well for a while, before completely going off the tracks. In this case, all is well as the premise begins to unfold: the main character has left himself a pile of random objects that seem unusually useful, for some reason.

And there's a fascinating premise here corporations have a sort of sacredness from government meddling that individuals don't have a surprisingly believable concept, at the moment. But then, our hero decides to use his powers to blackmail the corporation into hiring him? That's the big plan? It's so bizarre that I can never wrap my head around it. And the winking implication of an as-yet-unpredicted romance at the very end of the story is unbearingly groan-inducing. If you're reading this book, you probably know that this was made into a movie a decade or so ago.

That movie fixes the main problems in this story while introducing a whole host of new ones. Primary amongst them, the fact that this everyday engineer and his everyday biologist girlfriend somehow turn into some sort of super-ninja secret agents. This is only exacerbated by Girlfriend repeating to Boyfriend that he's "only OK" at handling a motorcycle, as he's performing matrix-style stunts through traffic.

The Great C - 4 stars - Post-apocalyptic humanity relates to a surviving mega-computer. Out in the Garden -? I find this one inexplicable. It's passable enough. Colony - 5 stars - This one made me laugh pretty hard. There is something fascinatingly paranoid and beautiful about the idea. Nice ending, too. Prize Ship - 2 stars - A space ship lets us visit Lilliput and Brobdingnag? Nanny - 4 stars - I love PKD's stories against consumerism, and that theme seems to start here. Companies are building their Nanny Robots to destroy each other, so that people have to keep upgrading.

There's something so patently ridiculous about it being babysitting robots, but it certainly drives the point home, eh? Apr 07, Nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction. This was my first bush with PKD, and immediately made me a convert. This collection is more than a few science fiction short stories.

This is PKD at his best, flirting with an idea, stretching it as far as he can, stretching you as far as he can, and finishing with a great story leaving you with plenty to ponder. There really isn't a bad story in this extensive collection. View 1 comment. Jul 18, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Shelves: short-stories , science-fiction. I am not going to write a summary, it is annoying when people do that. Congratulations on restating everything that is located on the back of the book. Anyway, this is what I think This is one of those books I recommend purchasing and not borrowing from a library or a friend.

Great short stories that can be read and reread many times. Mar 21, Brian Schwartz rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction-fantasy. This first volume of Philip K. His abhorrence of war. Fear of atomic destruction. The folly of over reliance on technology. Dick is able to introduce these themes, make the reader consider his subtext, all while telling superb, plot driven fiction.

This is a rather interesting tale. So happens, a crew member on this ship buys an animal from a native for only 50 cents. Its strange but whats even stranger is that he talks, and hey, its no ordinary talking the thing is rather philosophical, anyway its called a Wub Apr 07, Tim Juchter rated it really liked it. You can see all Dick's themes developing, from simple stories about a dog whose barking is the only thing frightening away dangerous aliens, to more involved fantasies about a subterranean post-apocalyptic future.

Feb 24, Ratnesh Neema rated it really liked it. Simply amazing Philip's imagination knows no bounds! Jul 25, Rene Bard rated it really liked it. Immersed in the brilliance of his weirdness, I felt him reach out of the pages, grab my skin-covered skull, glasses and all, and shake it like a snow globe. These stories show PKD developing his chops. What this was or is, many of us are still having fun trying to figure out. Speaking of his development as a writer, PKD wrote in after years of publishing success: "The difference between a short story and a novel comes to this: a short story may deal with murder; a novel deals with the murderer In every story except "Paycheck" which was my least favorite in this collection, even the ones which are nothing more than the gimmicks of a wise-cracking genius - stories like "Expendable", "The Indefatigable Frog", and "Out in the Garden" - PKD's prose is lucid and always in control of the reader.