The Healing Year

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Simple Self-Healing Roads Can Last Up to 80 Years

I also joined a local FMS support group, became good friends with other FMS patients and re-evaluated which activities and relationships were causing me stress, making some changes. Physically, mentally and emotionally, I had crafted a life that worked for me and my illness; I was feeling the best I had in many years.

Family Crisis Upsets a Delicate Balance Then a family crisis arose that upset the delicate balance I had so carefully created. Suddenly, a previously slow-growing thyroid cancer that my husband's sister, Janette, had been living with for over 20 years, became active and very fast moving. After unsuccessful chemotherapy, the cancer had spread to her liver and she was going downhill quickly.

Leader in Training

My husband and I asked her to come live with us, which she accepted. As Janette's primary caregiver, I was unable to continue with my daily routine of exercise, regular resting and social activities. The high stress and the loss of my routine led to some increase in pain and fatigue. The stress of caregiving for those months affected me emotionally more than anything. Seeing someone I loved fading before my eyes was very difficult.

During this crisis, the emotional support I needed came from an unexpected source. Help from a Simple Exercise A few months before Janette came to live with us, I was browsing in a local bookstore while doing Christmas shopping. Most of the book consisted of a page for each day of the year, followed by five blank lines. I was intrigued by her idea that there could be powerful effects from writing each day five things you were grateful for.

I bought the book as a gift to myself, little knowing what a significant role that small book would play in helping me survive one of the most stressful periods of my life. For a month and a half before Janette came, I wrote in my Gratitude Journal every day. It was the last thing I did at night before going to sleep. Sometimes I struggled to find 5 things for which I was grateful; occasionally, one of those was, "I'm grateful this day has ended.

During the months Janette was with us, I felt it was very important to keep up with the Gratitude Journal and I focused on aspects of this situation from which I could pull out something to be thankful for. Often, it was something Janette was doing to find peace with her life and death. She reached out to just about everyone who had ever been in her life. In return, she experienced an outpouring of love like I had never seen.

She received many letters, phone calls, even visits from old friends who traveled cross-country to see her. At times, this outpouring was overwhelming to her. But, at the same time, she was so nurtured by it, it helped give her strength to go on. Janette was a constant inspiration, for in her final months, besides reaching out to others, she took time to appreciate her surroundings and the pleasures of everyday life. We took her to the California coast one weekend and she was inspired by the nature that was there. His early attempts at spiritual healing were met with success, and gradually his reputation as a healer spread and his services became more in demand.

Gradually, as his fame spread, his healing took over from his printing business, which was later to be run by a brother.

Jeshua the Early Years, Healing

He moved to Stoneleigh in Surrey just after the war, where he used the front room of his house as a healing sanctuary. Eventually, because of the increasing number of patients visiting him Edwards outgrew this home, so in he moved his family and his healing practice to Burrows Lea, a large house with several acres of gardens and woodland in Shere , where he founded the 'Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary'.

As his fame as a healer spread he was receiving 10, letters a week asking for help and distance healing. In Edwards held a healing demonstration in Manchester which was attended by 6, people. In September during the Festival of Britain he appeared at the Royal Festival Hall in London, where he demonstrated spiritual healing to a packed hall. The ceremony happened on April 1, An 'Archbishops' Commission on Divine Healing' was set up in to investigate spiritual healing, and Edwards addressed the Commission in , providing it with documentary evidence of a number of cases of successful healing for it to examine.

At the same time he held a public demonstration in front of 6, people at the Royal Albert Hall to launch the '10 o'clock Healing Minute'. The Commission's report, published in , [5] stated that neither the Church or the medical profession accepted the claims of spirit healers that they were responsible for successful healings. Despite the fact that Harry Edwards had appeared before the Commission he was never sent a copy of the final report.

Edwards claimed that several deceased scientists worked through him, including Lord Lister and Louis Pasteur. Zak is a little camper with a big personality and his friendship with a counselor who shares his diagnosis of hemophilia helped him discover the magic of Hole in the Wall. This empowering story of Zak learning medical independence from a former camper turned counselor is the third installment in the "Healing Feeling" series.

For Marissa and Mark, Hole in the Wall is a special hideout where campers feel safe to express themselves freely and honsetly among peers who truly understand them. Watch how this community defined by acceptance provides "a different kind of healing" that is life changing and enduring in the fourth installment of the "Healing Feeling" series. At Hole in the Wall, Adam and Stacy were inspired by shared experiences with their fellow campers. As Camp alumni, they went on to do amazing things.

See how their journey now inspires others in the fifth installment of the "Healing Feeling" series. For Liam and his mom, Camp is so much more than a summertime escape from serious illness.

Part 2: Reconciliation

Now, their sons are campers. In May , she returned to Camp for the first time in more than 20 years and rediscovered special memories that moved her to give back in a very inspirational way.

After meeting at Camp seven years ago, Dannie and Tesi'ah became fast and forever friends who found a community where they can just be themselves. Watch how, as leaders-in-training, they share their experiences and "a different kind of healing" with the next generation of campers in the latest "Healing Feeling" installment. At Camp, former camper Ross was able to break out of the shell that his illness had created and discover his truest self.

Watch how his Hole in the Wall experience became an enduring source of creativity and inspiration in the latest Healing Feeling installment.

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The Healing Power of Gratitude

At Camp, Anna has built confidence while her parents have received a reprieve from constant overnight care. Michele, Kyle and Frankie are former campers turned Hospital Outreach specialists who know first-hand the healing power of Camp.

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At Camp, the Sullivan Family was able to relax and reconnect. Watch their moving story to see how a Family Weekend away from hospitals and worry brought enough laughter and joy to remind them that illness does not define their family. Who is the Gang? Leader in Training The Leader in Training LIT Program offers campers who have aged out of our summer program leadership training and the chance to work with campers under the supervision of a mentor counselor and the LIT Coordinator. CampOut CampOut brings the hopeful, playful spirit of Camp to current campers and their families right in their hometowns.