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However, despite that nod to the intuitive understanding of physics, Feynman never gave up on pure knowledge devoid of metaphors. I have given many lectures of ever increasing simplicity and purity. Norton, At the same time, his irresistible personality and his lecturing work was joined by a surge in popularity due to his participation in the Rogers Commission, which in investigated the disaster of the space shuttle Challenger.

The physicist's role in physical laws

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The physicist who wants to predict everything - horizons

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Influence of related disciplines on physics

Featured author. Samuel H. Latest book. Towards a New Enlightenment? A Transcendent Decade.

Science Leading Figures. Ventana al Conocimiento Knowledge Window. Estimated reading time Time 5 to read. Richard Feynman, in Credit: Tamiko Thiel In fact, his collaboration in the nuclear program was the most material of his contributions.

“The smartest man in the world”

The behaviour of fundamental particles Henceforth, Feynman would devote his mental machinery to the complex matters that would lead him to fame and the Nobel Prize in , first at Cornell University and then at Caltech. Credit: US Postal Service However, despite that nod to the intuitive understanding of physics, Feynman never gave up on pure knowledge devoid of metaphors. How do you smell? King conkers An insight into the world of collisions.

The behaviour of fundamental particles

The Fallacies of Models The biggest questions facing humanity are often also the most complex — but models are rising to the challenge. Why do teapots drip? It's a problem scientists have been trying to figure out for a long time. Know How Now Find out how frogs can levitate, how much toast you could make with a bolt of lightning and more. Find out more.

The Mystic and The Physicist - The Nature of Reality

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