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No one knows I realize, it was only just a dream. When I be ridin, And I swear I see your face at every turn I'm trying to get my usher on, but I can't let it burn And I just hope you know that you're the only one I yearn for No wonder I'll be missin when I'll learn Didn't give it all my love I guess now I got my payback. Now I'm in the club thinking all about you baby Hey, you were so easy to love But wait, I guess our love wasn't enough I'm goin through it every time that I'm alone.

And now I'm wishing that you'd pick up the phone But you made a decision that you wanted to move on Cuz I was wrong I was thinkin about you, thinkin about me Thinkin about us, what we gonna be?

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Will you come back? No one knows I realize, it was only just a dream If you ever loved somebody put your hands up If you ever loved somebody put your hands up And now they're gone and you're wishin could give them everything Ohhh, if you ever loved somebody put your hands up if you ever loved somebody put your hands up If you ever loved somebody put your hands up if you ever loved somebody put your hands up.

And now they're gone and you're wishin you could give them everything Open my eyes open my eyes It was only just a dream It's just a dream So I travel back travel back I travel back. No one knows no one knows I realize, it was only just a dream no, no, no And I was thinkin about you woooo , thinkin about me Thinkin about us whooooo , what we gonna be?

It was only just a dream It's just a If she had climbed out their window, she would be on the same side of the building as Cobb just like in every other movie where someone is threatening jumping off a building. Yet her inexplicably being in the window of another hotel room is exactly the kind of thing that happens in a dream. In fact, when Cobb speaks to his father-in-law Miles about Mal's death and getting home to his children, Miles specifically tells him to "Come back to reality. Still not convinced?

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This one is my favorite. When the song is done, the dream is over. That recording is 2 minutes and 28 seconds. Inception is, exactly, 2 hours and 28 minutes. It's timed down to the second; watch the count on your DVD player! Could it be, just like with shared dreaming, when the movie is done, the dream is over? That's not even close to all the clues.

It's also got a huge list of other cool things you might have missed. Those who wish to argue that Inception is all a dream usually point to these kinds of clues. The problem is, none of them are conclusive. They could all, for example, just be subtle clues that Cobb is losing his grip on reality—not that he is actually dreaming.

Those who wish to argue that the real world is indeed real like to point to the fact that Cobb's children, at the end of the film are older and wearing different clothes. Others have pointed out that Cobb's wedding ring might be his real totem—he wears it in dreams, but not in the real world.

But, of course, if the real world is a dream, Cobb may merely be shaping it based on his expectations; he thinks that Mal is dead, and that he has returned to his kids, in the real world so he never wears his wedding ring and his kids look older in that world. The fact is, pointing to clues in the movie is never going to settle the issue. The movie is ambiguous—Nolan has even admitted that he intentionally made it so. Nothing will definitively prove whether or not the entire movie, or even the ending, is a dream. The answer to the question is, what philosophers would call, "underdetermined.

Scientists have been dealing with underdetermination for years; multiple scientific hypotheses can account for any set of evidence or data, yet scientists always prefer the most adequate one. The most adequate hypothesis is the one that is the most fruitful, simple, conservative, and has the most scope.

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In other words, they prefer the hypothesis with the most correct predictions, the fewest assumptions, that coheres with what we already know and answers the most questions without raising more. Philosophers have been dealing with underdetermination too.

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When dealing with language, and the possibility of multiple interpretations, philosophers employ the principle of charity. When it's unclear what someone means, you choose the most charitable interpretation-the one that entails the speaker is not an idiot or misinformed. And philosophers do this with art too; when a movie is ambiguous, you choose the more charitable interpretation-the one that makes it the best movie. So which interpretation makes Inception the best movie?

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Clearly, the "all dream" hypothesis. There are a number of things that make Inception kind of a bad movie if the real world is, in fact, real. For example, all the characters in the real world besides Cobb are one dimensional.

In addition, the editing in the real world is kind of sloppy—quick jumps within scenes without transitions. And having Saito swoop in, out of nowhere, in Mombasa to rescue Cobb with the excuse "I have to protect my investment"—isn't that a bit cheesy? Yes, unless all of these things are subtle clues that Cobb is in fact dreaming the entire movie. Might the characters be one dimensional because they are just projections of Cobb's subconscious?

Is the editing sloppy because Cobb is jumping from place to place and time to time in the real world— just like we know he does when he is dreaming? And yes, Saito's line is cheesy—but as a subtle clue that Cobb is in fact dreaming, it's brilliant! And you might think that it's director Christopher Nolan's intentions that settle the matter; only if he intended for the whole movie to be a dream, is it really all a dream.

I'm not so sure. Why Nolan's Answer Doesn't Matter" certainly wouldn't think so. Some might object by arguing that the "all dream" interpretation makes Inception a worse movie. After all, why care about a movie if nothing in it really happened? But there's the rub—it's a movie! Nothing in it really happened anyway. It's fiction. Why would anyone care less about fictional dream events, than fictional "real" events? Besides, as a dream, Inception can be a metaphorical story about a disturbed mind, or even a demonstration of how our own minds are disturbed.

Might that be more interesting?

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But now we are left wondering: If we can't tell whether Cobb is dreaming, can we really tell whether we are dreaming? Might you be dreaming right now?